As a homeowner in Toronto or the GTA, you are prone to snow and ice buildup on your roof.  These buildups have the potential to cause serious damage if left unattended.

What are the Potential Dangers of Snow and Ice Buildup?

After a heavy snowfall, for example, the excessive buildup of snow can actually cause your roof to buckle and in extreme cases, even collapse.  The most common form of damage, however, occurs when snow melts and then refreezes at the base of your roof where the eaves are.  This is referred to as ice damming, which can lead to trapped water underneath the shingles and water leakage through the roof deck and nail holes.  Additional risks include:

Roof Snow Removal

 Professional Roof Snow Removal

The removal of snow from your rooftop without the help of an experienced professional can be very dangerous.  Integrity Roofers is a licensed and insured roofing company that efficiently and safely removes ice and snow buildup on the rooftops of houses in Toronto and the GTA.  We pay particular attention to your roof underneath the snow, making sure we do not damage it in any way.

Protecting Against Possible Damages

There are precautionary measures you can take to reduce the chances of expensive damage due to ice dams and snow buildup on your roof.  Manufacturers often recommend the installation of a waterproof underlayment, which goes underneath your shingles at a projected line of three feet inside the exterior wall.  This acts as an added layer of protection to prevent melted snow from seeping in.

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