What is Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging is a type of diagnostic technology that can detect roof problems far in advance of the need for extensive fixes and repairs.  It scans, inspects and evaluates your roofing system to check for hot and cold air loss, excess water, leaks, and moisture buildups.  Most importantly, this technology finds small issues before they turn into big problems, enabling you to eliminate the concern at the source.

Preventative Maintenance

Integrity Roofers recommends the use of infrared thermal imaging as a preventative maintenance measure for the overall condition of your roof.  The results of our thermal imaging assessments provide us with valuable information about your attic ventilation, insulation and air leak seals.  From here, we can remove damaged insulation, improve ventilation, and seal potential air and water leak areas to ensure optimal function.  By fixing areas of small concern now, you can save yourself thousands of dollars worth of expensive repairs down the road.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging



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