Gutter Clogging and Cleaning

Gutters, also called eavestroughs, tend to be where many roofing problems begin.  Although they play an important role in draining the water that lands on your roof, your eavestroughs can be easily cluttered with leaves and other debris.  It is important that you clear out your eavestroughs on a regular basis to prevent water buildup, which if left unattended to, can drain into your home causing substantial damage that is costly to fix.

Gutter Filter and Cleaning Service

However, if you’re like most homeowners, eavestrough cleaning is not a job you look forward to and it may even be one you’re uncomfortable performing on your own.  This leaves you with two choices: hire a professional gutter cleaner every year, or invest in a one-time gutter filter system.

How a Gutter Filter System Works

Integrity Roofers sells a quality gutter filter system that saves you the time and hassle of cleaning out your eavestroughs on your own, and stops you from spending money to hire a professional.  The gutter filter system is an attachment that is inserted inside your current eavestroughs.  It doesn’t actually make contact with your gutters or shingles, which makes it fast and easy to remove.  It is installed without the use of brackets, nails or screws so that your roof, shingle, and eavestrough warranties remain valid and intact.

Benefits of a Gutter Filter System

A good quality gutter filter system:

  • Keeps out leaves, debris, snow, and ice
  • Prevents birds and wasps from nesting
  • Protects against mosquito breeding
  • Runs optimally with zero maintenance required
  • Saves you the time and money it would have taken to clear out your gutters on a regular basis
  • Is invisible to onlookers

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