Attic air sealing / weatheringMore than half of the heat lost from your home occurs through the roof which, given Toronto’s climate, means that weatherizing your home can save you large amounts of money in heating costs as well as prevent future damage occurring to your roof. But although almost everyone has heard of insulation, Attic Air sealing is not a process that many people think about and fewer still realise the impact this could have on your home.

The concept behind sealing your attic is to prevent air flow from inside of your home traveling up into your attic.

Identifying and sealing these possible air leaks are crucial prior to insulating your attic if you want your insulation to work to its full potential. Common areas to inspect for leaks are:

    • All light fixtures especially recessed, ceiling and pot lights
    • Ducts for fans and heating/cooling systems
    • Electrical wiring infiltrations
    • Cathedral ceilings, particularly where they meet the attic
    • Plumbing stacks
    • Connection between home and new/split level additions
    • Above staircases, lowered ceilings and rounded corners
    • Partition, perimeter and balloon frame walls
    • Attic doors and above pocket doors
    • And many more


Running an energy efficient home is easy today with all the technological advances and new methods of home building. However, if your attic is not properly air sealed and you have multiple air leaks in the home then two things happen; you lose money and damage to your home occurs at an exponential rate.

Correctly sealing your attic will allow warm or air conditioned air to stay in your home and keep the outside air out. This way you will be more comfortable and your furnace doesn’t have to work twice as hard to compensate for the loss.

The benefits of sealing your attic are numerous and include:

• Temperature control and accuracy
• Cost efficiency since no heated or cooled air is lost to the outside
• Greener footprint because of reduced burning of fossil fuels
• Optimizing the insulation in your attic to work for you
• Prevents wood rot by blocking moist air from travelling into the attic
• Prolongs the longevity of your roof

How we do it

Our process starts with a thorough inspection and analysis of your home, attic and roofing system with state-of-the-art equipment. We provide you with a gap analysis showing where all potential leaks are. Once that is complete, we seal all leaks with professional sealing foam and then we move on to insulate your attic.

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