Roof Replacement or Repair: Important Factors to Consider

As far as commercial property is concerned, regular maintenance can help to keep it in good shape while being easy on your pocket. This is also true for the roof because putting off much-needed repairs may save you in the short-term but will cost you more in the long run. In most cases, property owners face the dilemma of choosing between a complete roof replacement or repairs. As a leading roofing contractor for commercial buildings, we often get people asking which is better, repairing the roof or replacing it. We’ve put together this guide to help you. Read on to learn when to opt for roof repairs and replacement.

Roof Replacement or Repairs – Which is Better?

Here are six factors that you must consider to help make the right decision:

1. Roof’s Age

The age of the roof is one of the most crucial considerations. The rule of thumb is to replace the roof if it is older than 30 years and if it shows any signs of damage. This is because no matter what materials your roof is made of, an older roof means frequent repairs which can prove to be expensive.

2. Signs of Water Damage or Moisture

If you find a leak somewhere, you should hire professionals for a roof inspection to determine how widespread it is. Roof leaks often start around the flashing points. If the damage is isolated, a quick repair may help you solve the problem. However, if the roof is leaking in many places, the experts may recommend a complete roof replacement.

3. Ownership

If you intend to sell the place in a few years, and the roof seems to be in good shape, it helps to inspect it and make the necessary repairs if needed, instead of opting for a complete roof replacement. This will enhance the value of your property without being too expensive.

4. Affected by a Disaster

If your neighbourhood was recently hit with a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, or a violent storm, you need to consider replacing your roof. This is because the damage may be extensive enough to send the roof into a state of emergency. It is better to opt for a replacement to avoid such situations.

5. Upgrades

Replacing the roof allows you to incorporate environmentally friendly components such as solar panels that are eligible for federal or local tax credits. Also, new roofing materials last longer and are more energy efficient, which is why upgrading the roof of your commercial property may be a good idea.

6. Budget

If you are considering a roof replacement, you could choose the type and quality of roofing materials that qualify for significant discounts on your insurance policy. This can help you save money while ensuring the structural integrity of your roof.

We Offer Quick & Hassle-Free Roof Replacement in Toronto

Roof Replacement or Repair: Important Factors to ConsiderAlthough repairs are less expensive, they are a short-term solution. Even though a new roof is a significant expense, it should benefit you for decades. Thus, it helps to consider the essential aspects before making a decision. Also, do not forget to consider other factors such as gutter replacement when choosing a new roof.

At Integrity Roofers, we believe in providing reliable roofing solutions by understanding your needs and assessing the situation. We have qualified experts who can address your roofing concerns while ensuring that the outcome meets your requirements and budget.

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