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3 Ways Your Roof Can Help You Save Money or Add Value to Your Home

Even though your roof is your houses crowning glory, it is strange how it is completely forgotten about unless something goes wrong with it. This started me thinking about how useful your roof actually is to your home; apart from keeping the elements out that is. Here I have listed some ways that people can use their roof to add value their homes and save money. Read more

New Roof System

How a New Roof System Can Add Value to a Commercial Property

A New Roof Installation: An Opportunity to Add Value to a Commercial Property

When a commercial roof needs to be replaced, it would be rather understandable if the first reaction of the property owner was considerably less than positive; more precisely, their state of mind would likely be influenced by visions of cost, both direct (labour and materials for a new roof installation) and indirect (the potential for tenant inconvenience, business downtime, revenue loss, and so on).

In general, property owners are seldom if ever pleased by the prospect of extensive and expensive repair bills.  Yet, instead of looking at any roof replacement primarily from the perspective of immediate costs, perhaps the need for a new roof installation should be viewed as an opportunity to invest in and add value to the property.

Yes, the initial and sometimes substantial expenditure associated with a new roof cannot be avoided, but a new roofing system that is well-designed and well-installed can deliver qualitative and quantitative returns both short-term and long-term; these will consist of:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Reduction in repair costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Elimination of mold formation
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Improved reliability and protection
  • Potential conversion to green roofing

As well, depending on the particular type of commercial property, a new roof installation offers an excellent selling feature with respect to:

  • Attracting new tenants
  • Retaining existing tenants
  • Enticing prospective buyers
  • Appealing to potential investors

Whether their plan is to retain possession of the commercial structure or sell their asset, owners can add value to a property with the installation of a new roof. It is important to note, however, that any potential returns from a new roof installation will be predicated on the quality of the roofing materials and the workmanship of the roofing contractor.

Consequently, to ensure that they maximize their return on investment, property owners would be well-advised to use the services of a contractor with considerable experience in commercial roof installation; one such contractor is Integrity Roofers, a leader within the roofing industry in Toronto for more than 20 years.

Experience and Skilled Workmanship in the Installation of Commercial Roofing

Installation of Commercial RoofingThe specialists at Integrity Roofers have the experience and the skills needed to perform new commercial roof installations efficiently, effectively, and to the complete satisfaction of the property owner.

Integrity Roofers recognizes the importance of minimizing inconvenience and disruption throughout the installation process, without compromising the quality of the roof surface and the multiple benefits and returns that it is intended to deliver to the property owner. As a result, all commercial roof replacements by Integrity Roofers include the following:

  • A no-obligation onsite roof assessment
  • Professional installation to specifications
  • Work done by qualified and insured roofers
  • A range of products to satisfy customer needs
  • Product warranties and workmanship guarantees

To learn more about the roof replacement services offered by Integrity Roofers, please check our roof replacement page.

Looking for a leading Toronto roofing contractor to install a new roof for your commercial property? Call the commercial roof installation professionals at Integrity Roofers today at 416-736-7373 or contact us to book a no-obligation roof assessment and receive a quote for a new roof installation.

Commercial Flat Roof

Choosing the Right Coating for a Commercial Flat Roof

Selecting the Right Coating to Optimize Flat Roofing Performance and Lifespan

When someone utters the expression ‘a roof over your head’, the immediate inference is that they are talking about having a place to live; moreover, the first image that usually comes to mind is the shape of a peak, perhaps with a vertical chimney stack protruding from one of the two sloping sides.

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Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems

The Most Common Roof Problems Faced By Toronto and Area Property Owners

Although it may go about its duties in relative obscurity, the roof it a vital component in protecting and safeguarding the occupants of any residential or commercial structures; while the property owners take the appropriate measures to ensure that their doors and windows are locked, smoke detectors have batteries that are fully charged, and electrical outlets are not overloaded, the roof quietly and effectively keeps them sheltered against the elements of nature all year long.

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Roof Inspections After Storms

Storm-Damaged Eavestrough Repair in Toronto

Eavestrough Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair Can Guard against Storm Damage

An effectively functioning roof is indispensable to protecting families and their personal possessions from the seasonal extremes of Toronto’s weather; in many respects, a roof acts as a shield against these elements, ensuring the family’s comfort and safety while holding at bay any high winds, rain, snow and ice, intense sun and heat, bitter cold, etc. that local residents can experience throughout any calendar year.

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Ways to Avoid Wind Damage to Roofs

Precautionary Steps to Avoid Wind Damage to Shingle Roofs

Taking Precautions with Shingled Roofs to Avoid Damage During Wind Storms

For those so inclined, a casual walk or drive through virtually any Toronto neighbourhood would quickly affirm that asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in residential construction.  Notwithstanding the ages or styles of those homes, it is quite likely that their roofs are finished in this manner.

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A fascia board of the roof of a house

Examining the Composition and Function of Fascia Board

Fascia is Available in Various Types of Material and It Serves Several Functions

It would not be surprising if a significant number of homeowners could not identify which area of their home contained the fascia; some might believe that it must be somewhere on the front of the house (because the word sounds like face or facing) while others may be convinced that it is found inside the home – perhaps the front/façade of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Read more

Insulating an attic using foam

Save Energy Costs for Your Home with Adequate Attic Insulation

Adequate Attic Insulation Plays a Vital Role in Reducing Home Energy Costs

It is quite possible that a substantial percentage of Toronto homeowners have never set foot or even looked in their attic; some may actually have to reflect for a moment before they can recall where in their home they might access the attic. And because there is so little, if any, homeowner traffic in this area, it is very unlikely that they could confirm the type of attic insulation housed within.

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A workman flatroofing a building

The Advantages of Flat Roofing for Commercial Properties

There Are Several Benefits to Installing Flat Roofing on Commercial Buildings

Understandably, the exterior of a commercial property receives a considerable amount of attention with respect to its appearance; the types of materials used, colour schemes, landscaping, and signage all play important roles in generating curb appeal and inviting customers to utilize the products or services available within.

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A roofing professional examining a roof

The Role of Soffits in Your Roof System and Their Importance to Your Home

The Importance and Benefits of Well-Maintained Soffit for Your Home

When the topic of conversation turns to roofing, a majority of homeowners could not be faulted if the discussion focused primarily on the type of roofing material (usually asphalt shingles) and the eavestroughs.  In all probability, this is likely due to the fact that most people understand the functions of these roofing elements in protecting their home from water penetration and structural damage.

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A copper turret on a house

Copper Roofing and Its Effect on Curb Appeal

There Are Many Reasons to Consider Copper Roofing or Features for Your Home

Homeowners looking to enhance the curb appeal of their property, and perhaps increase the value of their home, may instinctively consider such improvements as updating their doors and windows, re-landscaping the front yard, replacing the wooden garage door, or reconfiguring the steps leading to the main entrance. These are customarily the types of changes/modifications that can have an immediate visual impact on passersby and, even more importantly, on potential buyers.

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